Membership Application Form

For new members who are interested in joining Grasshoppers Lawn Tennis Club (Hove)


For Types of Membership and fees see “Membership and fees” page

I wish to join the Grasshoppers LTC and, if elected, I agree to abide by the constitution and bylaws of the club including the general conditions of membership below.  I further agree that my email, addresses and telephone numbers may be used for club emails but only shared with other members when appropriate (e.g. for competitions).  Payment may be made by BACS,  please email our treasurer Eileen at treasurer -at- grasshopperstennis -dot- co -dot- uk to ask for details or cheques payable to Grasshoppers LTC and given to a committee member.


General conditions of membership

  1. The election of a member or cancellation or suspension of membership is the prerogative of the committee.  The reasons need not be explained.
  2. In the event that membership lapses, the committee reserves the right to ask for 50% of the joining fee in force on membership being taken up.
  3. Subscriptions become due on 1st April each year and must be paid by the end of that month.  The committee may levy a penalty for late payment.
  4. Children under 16 must have an adult in supervision when on club premises.
  5. No member or guest may park their car in the car park behind the club except when on club business.
  6. The club can accept no responsibility or liability for loss or damage to tennis equipment or other personal property or for damage or injury to members or their guests while on club premises.
  7. Members may introduce visitors who may play up to 4 times in a year.  The member should make sure the visitor’s fee is deposited in the box provided prior to playing.  Members must sign in their guests and are responsible for their behaviour whilst on club premises.
  8. Members must register Grasshoppers as one of their “Places to Play” with the LTA.