The Teams

Grasshoppers belongs to the Sussex League of clubs and there are both summer and winter matches

The current summer teams are as follows (as at May 2018):

Mens 1st team (captain Damo) division 1,

Mens singles 1st team (captain Kerry) division 2,

Mens 2nd team (captain Guy) division 5,

Mens singles 2nd team (captain Lawrence) division 4W,

Mens 3rd team (captain Harvey) division 8W,

The mens 4th team (captain Pete D) division 8E,

The mens 5th team (captain John V) division 11E,

The ladies 1st team (captain Catherine) division 3,

The ladies 2nd team (captain Sue) division 9W,

The ladies 3rd team (captain Jenny) division 12B,

The winter teams are as follows:

Mens first team (captain Damo) division 1

Mens second team (captain Mark) division 6

Mens third team (captain John S) division 7W

Mens fourth team (captain Quirky) division 9E

Mens fifth team (captain John V) division 10W

Ladies first team (captain Jenny F) division 4

Ladies second team (captain Mags) division 8W

Ladies third team  (captain SueG) division 11W

Our teams form an important part of the club’s activities.  To do well they need to practice in an appropriate environment, i.e. ladies doubles, mens doubles and mens singles, rather than the more casual club sessions where the games are determined by our peg system.  

Monday night is a match practice session for those players of a decent match playing standard who regularly play in the club’s teams.  If you are considered of a suitable standard for these sessions then you will be invited to attend by your team captain.  

A few of our best players have a match practice session on Wednesday night.  If you are up to this standard one of the top team captains will invite you to attend.

The start time of Sunday matches should be as late as possible to ensure minimum impact on Sunday club session.  However, bear in mind when it gets dark, so in December and January you will need to start matches at 12.30pm , 1pm in November and February, 1.30 in March and 2pm for the rest of the year.