Membership and fees

How to join Grasshoppers Tennis Club in Hove

If you are interested in joining Grasshoppers tennis club please email phil -at- grasshopperstennis -dot- co -dot- uk for more details or just come along to one of our club sessions, as explained on our Home page. You can find how to get to the club on the Contact us page.

Click Online Membership Application Form to apply for membership.

The following subscription rates apply for the whole season 2019/20 (Our membership year starts from April 1st.).  The fees are based on a whole season policy (except late joining discounts and winter membership outlined below) so we do not give refunds if you miss part of the season for any reasons.

Membership rates

For 2019/20 season
 Per Annum

Entry fee - may be introduced from time to time at the discretion of the committee




Country (permanent resident 10 miles or more from club)


Transitional Club Member (TCM)(2)


Friday night (beginners, improvers) + off peak(1)


Student (under 24 in full time education)




Visitor fee (3)



1) Off peak is defined for membership purposes as Saturday and any time on Sunday except the morning club session (10.30am to 1.00pm) and before 6.30p.m. on weekdays. The Friday evening beginners & improvers evening is both for complete beginners and also people who have not played for a while and will include group coaching on most sessions, at least 20 over the season.

2) Transitional club members are players who are on their way to full club membership standard but not quite there yet. They can play against full club members on Tuesdays as well as on Friday evenings. They can also play off peak.

3) Visitors – the first session is free then visitors can play a maximum of 4 club sessions with the exception of Friday night when there is no limit.

Membership Payment – please email treasurer -at- grasshopperstennis -dot- co -dot- uk to ask for BACS payment details.

Alternatively cheques should be made payable to: “Grasshoppers LTC” and put in the black box in the club room next to the telephone. Please write “membership” on the back of the cheques.

All members must abide by the constitution of the club

Late joining:

New members only
If a 
new member (or a past member who did not join the previous season) joins after June the subscription will be reduced by 10% per full month which results in the following discounts – joining during July would be a 10% reduction, August 20%, September 30%, October 40%, November 50%, December 60%, January 70%, February 80% and March 90%.

Past members only
A past member who does not play between 1st April and 31st September is eligible for Winter Membership (1st October to 31st March) which is 50% of the full season membership.