American Tournament rules

American Tournament Rules as used by Grasshoppers

There are many different versions of an “American Tournament”.  Basically it is a type of league or round robin way of playing a, usually, 1 day tournament.  The way we play is you are draw a partner and play all the other pairs in your league, 4 games with your partner and 4 games against. The detailed rules are as follows:


Play will be in 1 or 2 leagues of up to 6 pairs (12 people) in each league, usually the stronger players in 1 League.

Partners are drawn at the start, ideally a man plus a woman. If the numbers of ladies & men are unequal, then you have to choose which men are to play as “ladies” or vice versa, with a drawn at the start.

Each pair plays the other pairs in turn, 4 games with their partner, 4 games against.

After the first 4 games the men change sides.

At the end of each match participants must record their own total games won (which should equal 16 per match!).

Players must play in the order of play unless still on court, even if they have just come off court!

All games play “sudden death at 2nd deuce”.

To decide the winning lady and man, men playing as ladies count as men or vice versa.

An optional additional rule when there are more men than women or vice versa:
When 2 men play together against a lady + a man, the men start scoring at -15. If 2 ladies play against a lady + a man, the ladies start scoring at +15.

Click American Tournament rules and scoring sheets for a printable pdf file.