Singles box league

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Competition Details:

Andy C and Chris B are organising a weekday daytime mixed singles box league. It’s open to any club member of any ability who’d like to play more singles and is available during the daytime on weekdays.

To enter you must be sure that:

– you can complete matches on weekdays before the evening club sessions. i.e. matches starting no later than 5pm and be finished before 6.30, but the more flexibility you have, the better,

– you’re happy to play 3 or 4 singles matches every 2-month period.

– you’re happy to organise the matches yourself without being chased.

– you’re able to respond to texts and/or emails in a timely manner.

If you have any doubts about your qualifications under these rules, then please don’t enter as it’s not fair to other people. We want people who will participate, not exasperate!

We will split all players into boxes of 5 or 6 that will form a box ladder. Each player will play every other player in their box over the course of a 2-month period. At the end of each 2-month period, the top two players in each box will be promoted and the bottom two demoted. The next round will then start immediately. This will ensure that everyone gets a good variety of matches and opponents.

Please let us know if you’re interested in joining at the next opportunity by sending an email to Chris B or Andy C or use the Contact Us link above.  Please include your mobile # and email address for people to contact you.

This league is all about having some competitive fun and enjoyable matches.

Chris & Andy

The next round starts on 1st December 2018 and runs for 2 months

The rules as as follows:

Play everyone in your group once only. 

People can play their matches in 2 ways and these should be decided before the match. The person with the preference for the shortest type of match has priority.  People should choose the appropriate type of match for the time available in one session and will lose the match (though still
 get 2 points if they win one set) if they can’t continue the match
 because of lack of time or injury.

1) 15 games – this means you play 15 games. It doesn’t mean the first person to reach 8. If the loser wins 6 games they get 2 points and the winner gets 3 points

2) Two sets decided by a tiebreak to 10 points (with two points gap)
 if  one set all instead of a third set. 

Points system

Winner in 2 sets gets 4 points, Loser gets 1 point.

Winner in 3 sets gets 3 points, Loser gets 2 points.

People are entitled to give themselves 4 points if their opponent doesn’t show up or if the person cancels on the day. You can’t claim a walkover just because the person is too busy or injured to arrange a match with you or if they don’t want to play you for any reason.  Also you should write the walkover on the results sheet so that your opponent has an opportunity to challenge it.

Results should be written on the results sheets in the clubhouse or texted, phoned or e-mailed to me by midnight on the last day or they won’t be counted.